Bismillah ir-Raḥmān ir Rahim


Asalaam aleikum Dear brothers and sisters

With the winter, we ask again  your attention for the brothers and sisters of Sham! .. In sha’ Allah do not forget them!


Maulid an Nabi 1438 in maqam Grand Dheikh

Unfortunately, the situation is more and  more difficult. The inhabitants of Djebel Qasiun and the refugees there, are in increasingly acute living condition. For over more than 6 years now we are trying to help Sheikh Ibrahim and the Brothers and Sisters ( more than 300 families) to survive and help 1000 of refugees coming there seeking  protection .

So again now we ask you to be generous in  helping and supporting  them.   We want for the best of our sheikh, Mawlana Sheikh Nazim and his son Sheikh Mehmet Adil, to keep support the soup kitchen in the mosque of our Greatscheikh, Maulana Shaykh Abdullah ad-Daghestani and help all the refugees there.

Donates to the poor, oppressed and war-affected people. All donations will directly be forwarded to our brother Sheikh Ibrahim.

And the success and the protection is only with Allah!


Donations can be made to  Sufi Path of Love by

PayPal Money request: send an email to [email protected], and a “money request” will be sent to you with the desired amount you want to donate , InshAllah help will continue.

Mention only : “soup kitchen”

Important: No mention of Syria, Damascus, Sham, Sham Sharif Sheikh or any Sufi or Muslim formulations …. Bank traffic (often automatic) is completely crazy when some of these words / phrases are used.

May Allah forgive us and Bless You All!

Best salaams